Zion, the Center of the Universe

On the east side of Zion National Park is a slick rock area locally known at “The Center of the Universe. ”  My son and I took a Christmas vacation day to climb into this other-worldly cradle.  Not for the casual hiker, the climbing, both up and down, though technically not difficult, required experience and confidence in your abilities.  You can find route information here on Joe’s Guide. Once into the Center, the place is magical.

DSCF0228  As the world of trees and water disappear into Navajo sandstone dunes, we could feel the tread of dinosaurs, shifting oceans, and great desert’s long gone.


Climbing out of the Center of the Universe was more challenging than getting in, the down climb into nearby ravines has lots of routes, but requires patience as small cliffs and drops magically appear in the slope as you progress.

DSCF0234 (looking back uphill towards the Center of the Universe.)

It’s a special place, a part of what makes Zion.  We’ll be back, treading lightly.




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