Why we moved to Hurricane, Utah

OK, so not the only reason, or even the most important reason, yet….

Shortly after moving into town we went to the local ACE hardware store… “Buck’s ACE Hardware”.   After collecting our items we walked up to the checkout stand, on the counter top was a couple of large bins full of impulse items, just like any store.  I reached in one bin, and pulled out a small 2″ switch blade, tapped the button and it opened as my wife was paying the bill.  The young girl at the register, didn’t bat an eye, she said ” I don’t like those, always afraid they’ll open in my pocket.”  I agreed, folded it back up and put it back in the bin.  She pointed at the other bin.  “Those are better”, she said.  I reached in and pulled out a 3.1/2 locking buck knife, with partially serrated blade, perfect for small game cleaning or other work.  Our cashier stopped counting our change to tell me how much she liked that blade better.

We’ve lived all over the country.  And, especially in the east I can’t imagine having this conversation with a highschool girl working as a cashier, while the cash drawer is open and she’s counting out our change.

To say Hurricane isn’t worried about crime probably isn’t true.  However, shopping at Bucks’ ACE hardware, I get the impression that if you tried something foolish the first comment might be… “we’re gonna tell your Mom”… and if its more serious, well, Utah is a concealed carry state, I don’t expect a nice utility/work knife at the cash register is of any concern to anyone.

Hurricane, Our new home.


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