Short Hike above the Haze

Winter in Northern Utah often brings inversion layers to the valleys, and Salt Lake Valley seems to get it worse than most.


Yes, that is a picture of the Salt Lake Valley, taken from a trailhead on Transverse Mountain, the town of Draper in the foreground.

Transverse Mountain separates Salt Lake Valley from the smaller Utah Valley to its South.  Driving up the road that crosses the eastern slope of this small mountain, I found a trailhead and took off across the ridge towards Lone Peak.   Just being above the haze was worth the drive.  And even though I only had a few hours to spare, this was time outdoors. :).    Snow covered, the trail was easy to follow, working along the ridge to the east towards Lone Peak and eventually joining into the Jacob’s Ladder trail.


Hiking Traverse Ridge was quiet, relaxing, and peaceful.  Just being in the fresh air above the haze and fog was a plus.  Even though the parking area was full I only ran into one hiker during the day.  With Corner Canyon park below and several different trails along the ridge, its easy to get out and be alone.  Generally horizontal, hiking was assisted by trekking poles and ice walkers slipped over my Vasque boots.  Being above the haze for a day, without going all the way to one of the ski resorts, made this a place I’ll hike through again.  And given a couple more hours, climb Jacob’s ladder as well.