Lower Cherry Creek Logging Trail

I had an open morning for hiking today, and chose the Cherry Creek Logging Trail on Lone Peak.   Starting about 8:30 at the Orson Smith Trail Head in Draper, I found an easy to follow trail that does its best to minimize the super-steep lower slopes of Lone Peak with well placed switch backs.  the first sections of trail, coming out of the neighborhood and crossing the Bonneville shoreline, was busy.  Lots of bikes, folks with dogs (thankfully cleaning up behind them), and a few folks with headphones and enough perfume to choke a chipmunk.  However, after the first 1/2 mile, crossing the shoreline trail and starting up the steep slope of the Wasatch front, all that goes away.  I was left with a quiet trail, occasional patches of ice and frozen mud, and… nobody.   Hiking on the last day of November, I was in the shade of the mountain for the first 1 1/2 hours.   I climbed to 6900′, 2,200 above the trail head, about 2 miles, and enjoyed some nice views of the lower Salt Lake Valley.

Getting back to the car around 11:30, it was a nice morning workout.

Lower Cherry Creek Cyn

<the first rays of sun, around 10>


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