A Process Based Approach

Using process based workshops speeds up the build of the “To be” state of an ERP project. In traditional ERP implementation methodologies, requirements gathering starts with documenting all the “as is”. It produces a huge amount of documentation, ostensibly to use in creating an ROI at the end. Doesn’t work. The organization will change with the application of ERP, there will be no way to compare apples to apples. So we skip the “as is”. A process based approach focuses only on the ‘to be’ state, asking the question: how do you see these processes running in the future? This approach changes the Analysis phase, and affects the remaining phases. Done in workshops, the processes can be quickly modeled. The chief benefit of a process based approach is that it gets the client focused on the processes and how they work in the ERP system, in my case, using Dynamics AX. Linking these together the users quickly see both the scope and reach of the new ERP solution, and both consultants and client begin speaking in common terms very quickly. A huge plus for getting everyone on the same page and moving the same direction.


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