The challenge of early demonstration

A benefit of the process based workshop approach occurs during the
demonstration in the sandbox. The primary purpose of this step is to provide
feedback by showing , roughly, how the process will work in the ERP Solution.  The
demonstration doesn’t account for workflow, extensive configuration or Master
Data setup.   In addition to its primary purpose, the step has a side benefit;
step since requirement scripts are written, and during the demonstration the
consultant is showing how to the process, users want to begin practicing in
the sandbox..  The upside of this is ownership, the users quickly
develop a sense of ERP project ownership, they can see the too working, and they
want to make sure it works correctly.  The downside is that users
may incorrectly assume that if a step doesn’t work in the OOTB sandbox, it’s a
requirement gap.  This can cause problems at FRD delivery time,
when, because a process didn’t work correctly without workflow, master data,
etc. Users begin to demand that a customization be written to meet their need,even if such customization is unnecessary.