OneNote, my new best friend

Every once in a while a tool comes along that really makes a difference to me.  Microsoft OnNote working with Office 2010 is one of those tools.  During the last few weeks I’ve been performing pre-project setup work.  I started throwing each piece of information, notes from each meeting, comments about resources, everything, into a  OneNote notebook.  In the past I would make a few word documents and stick them in a folder. OneNote was faster, easier, and finding information is so much better.

For me, pre-project is the most stressful part of a project, especially an ERP project.  There are lots of unknowns, and even what you think you know is changing from day-to-day as plans get made and the various activities of the project begin to line up.  Using OneNote I found capturing little details like a comment that should be a risk, or the preferences of one of the lead stakeholders was more effective because it was easier to go back and find that information when I needed it.  Like at 2 am three days later when the project schedule is finally beginning to make sense.

If your like me, you’ve used word or an 8 1/2 pad of paper for years to capture pre-project information.  Next time, find that icon for OneNote that is sitting on your laptop and give it a try.  You might find, as I did, your stress level is lower and your work products, the plan , the charter, risk log, are more “on target”.


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