Holmes on Project, Buiding ERP right

During the past month I had to take some time off blogging. A month ago I was hired by Microsoft, and have spent the month in processing and  getting familiar with the tools  used to run Dynamics ERP projects.  As I reviewed the templates, methodology (straight forward), processes (aligned with PMBOK), and controls,  I was often reminded of the DIY show “Holmes on Homes“. The premise of the show follows Holmes, a general contractor, who goes in and “does it right” correcting errors previous contractors have made. What impresses me when I watch the show is that he knows WHY each building code, each process, and each practice needs to be followed to build a safe and comfortable home. The example from his show applies to running ERP projects as well; whether you are installing Microsoft Dynamics or SAP, or Oracle, or any another solution; ERP projects are much more likely to succeed if you follow the methodology, use the templates, follow the processes, and understand fully why each process is necessary.  That last point is critical.  If the Project manager doesn’t understand why a particular deliverable is needed, or doesn’t understand the expected outcome of an activity, he’s liable to make decisions and influence the project in ways that lead to an incomplete solution.  A system that isn’t right.

Taking the month to really review as I get ready to start my next ERP project, was time will spent.

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