Organizational Change and Traditions

A few months ago we moved across the country, from Florida to Utah.  As we began to assimilate into our new neighborhood community, we ran into things that “everyone just knew”.  For example, there are two parks, one has a yellow slide, one has a blue slide.  When groups meet “at the park”, that’s the park with the yellow slide, not the other one.  Traditionally, that’s where they always met, no need to say “the park with the yellow slide”, because everyone knows the tradition.

All organizations have traditions,  and often these traditions are overlooked when implementing an ERP solution.  No one told us which park was “the park”, and the same can happen with non-standard or occasional business rules.  During the early parts of the project, when the business systems are being analysed, Project Managers need to remind the analysts to go and look for the traditions.  Once you know them, you can deal with them… it’s the one’s no one asks about that leave you standing alone at an empty park with a blue slide.


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